Your Public Display Of Coffins Renewed The Crisis In Benue State.- Police IG Blames Gov. Ortom

IGP Ibrahim Idris allegedly blamed Governor Samuel Ortom for escalating herdsmen crisis in Benue state.

The IGP reportedly told the Senate that the governor’s statement during the burial of victims was inciting.

He added that the public display of coffins of people who died in the attack also renewed tension in the state.

The Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, during his meeting with the Senate on Friday, reportedly blamed the renewed tension in Benue state on Governor Samuel Ortom’s statement during the burial of the initial 73 victims.

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A source who spoke to Daily Trust claimed that the IGP told the senate committee investigating the herdsmen crisis that the display of victims of the herdsmen and farmers clashes during their burial was another reason the crisis escalated.

“Also worthy of mention is the public display of corpses, coupled with unguarded and inciting speeches by the Benue State governor before and during the mass burial of the victims of the crisis.

These utterances renewed tension leading to youths of Tiv ethnic group unleashing violent attacks on residents of Makurdi,” the IGP reportedly said.

He added that the allegation by Governor Ortom that armed militia were being camped in Tunga, Awe local government area of Nasarawa state to unleash mayhem on Benue people was untrue.

“Because I visited Tunga during my assessment tour of the location,” he said.

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Idris reportedly blamed the clashes between herdsmen and farmers on the anti-grazing law when he appeared in front of the senate on Friday.

The IGP also claimed that 100 people have been arrested in connection with the killings in Benue state and suspects have been charged to court.

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