You Can Not Love Me And Hate My Ijaw & Igbo Brothers. Asari Dokubo Blast Northern Leeches.

Alhaji Asari Dokubo who never hide his love for his people took to his Facebook  account to blast the Northern leeches about their claim of them loving him. 

Anybody that sees me as a role model cannot take out the fact that I am an ijaw. I cannot remove myself as an Ijaw man and an Igbo man. I am both Ijaw and Igbo. I cannot remove myself from that.

If you hate my people to the extent that Na’Allah can come out and say they should go to Niger Delta and exterminate us for the good of the Gambaris and their collaborators, or thieving El-Rufai can come out and say just ‘five million people’, then you pick only me and respect me and see me as a role model is funny.

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Goodluck Jonathan is clueless, Goodluck Jonathan is this and that, because he president for only two years while you have ruled for almost fifty years, but Goodluck Jonathan is clueless, he is this, he is that, you don’t respect any of my people but you respect me. I don’t want that sort of respect my brother. The respect you give to my people is the respect I want. If you hate my people and despise my people and deprive my people of their resources, how can I be your role model outside being an Ijaw man? I will be like a fish outside water. So I will prefer your hate.

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