Where Were These Critics When Kanu Was Using His Intellectual Prowess To Unite Our People?

Even if Kanu had made the best plans and preparations on how to get Biafra, it would still not have exonerated him from criticisms. Like death, criticism is also a necessary end.

It is quite easy for people to sit in their comfort zone and find faults in others, without offering a clear-cut strategy to achieving what they faulted in others.

I wonder where these critics were when Kanu pleaded with Okadigbo in London in the build up to what has become today’s reality, only for his suggestions to be received on deaf ears?

I wonder where they were when Kanu pleaded with Jonathan on what to do when the plan to remove him was obvious in the wake for the 2015 general elections, only for the latter to think otherwise?

I wonder where they were when Kanu met with Okonjo Iweala in 2009 over the same issue, only for the latter to trivialize Kanu’s proposals?

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I wonder where they were when Kanu was burning his intellectual prowess like candle, to build what the pro-establishment called ‘pirate radio’ (Radio Biafra) to sensitize his listeners over his/our cause?

That same ‘pirate radio’ is what he used to bring Obiano to power, only for the latter to start yielding to the biddings of the establishment.

That same ‘pirate radio’ is what he used to defend Nyesom (N)wike when the obvious played out after his election.

That same ‘pirate radio’ is what he used to stop Buhari-led govt from carrying out unnecessary vendetta on Dieziani and Ngozi Okonjo Iweala.

That same ‘pirate radio’ is what brought the message of Biafra to int’l community the way it is today, etc.

Anyone who has been following the trend cannot say Kanu has not consulted the elites from the Eastern Region before this day. He did, but he was taken for granted. Hope you could still hear them call him small boy?

They only started listening to him when the consequences of his arrest started hitting the establishment with a sledgehammar.

I wonder where these folks were the time Kanu toured US, and was invited by a US diplomat to a radio programme in New York?

I wonder where these folks were when Kanu moved from one country to another, mobilising and uniting our people abroad to support the cause, which is a replica of what Washington, Theodor Hazzel, Charlse de Gaulle, Nkrumah and Mandela did for America, Yisrael, France, Ghana and South-Africa, respectively, in the liberation struggle of their people.

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I wonder where these folks were when two British MPs moved motion for Biafra Referendum in the British Parliament because of Kanu’s overreaching diplomatic strategy?

I also wonder where these critics were when one Abdulkadir, a Turkish diplomat, visited Kanu in his hometown and discussed key development strategies for Biafra. I can go on and on with more valid and verifiable developments in this regard but let me stop here, and digress with a sharp conclusion.

I am surprise that Kanu’s case is tainted with blames by those who pretend as if there is no injustice in the land.

They saw nothing wrong when Buhari advocated Independence for Western Sahara and the Palestine only to come home and detain people with the same opinion.

What right does Buhari think is fit for the people of Palestine and the people of W/Sahara which he thinks is unfit for the people of Biafra, and why? That is the question I would like these critics to answer.

In asmuch as you find (whatever) faults or mistakes in Kanu, remember he’s a human being like you, because I know that you are not perfect too.

Understand there’s no revolutionary in history who is sane! Or who did something in a way that garnered general acceptance. Understand the difference between a politician and a revolutionary. Understand that the language of politics is different from the language of revolution.

Even my mentor, Thomas Paine, was banned from entering London because of his role in the American Revolution. His postulations in his ‘Rights of Man’ made him ‘guilty’ before a competent court, although he was tried in absence.

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However, the French people found him worthy of a genius, with his radical intellectual influence, and elected him Member of French Parliament. You see, what one condemns is what another appreciates. While their personalities may be subjected to debate, their causes are a question of conscience.

I also think it is not too late for anyone who knows the route to come on board and steer this ship of freedom to its destination, and history will be more kind to him or her.

In the absence of any other person, we cannot accept and continue to live under a fraudulent system that stifles the potentials and shatters the dreams of our people, all because the person whom we think will get it right has not arrived.

Robert Nwokoro

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