Shocking: Igbos In Owerri Builds Mosque Worth Millions Of Naira, Donate It To Muslims In The State

Wonders they say shall never end, this is the case in Owerri, Imo state where some lost Igbos build mosque worth millions of Naira and donated same to Hausa community in Imo state.

One will want to ask, how many Hausa man or in which northern state will you see such thing where Hausa muslims will build a church and donate it to Christians living there?

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Does it means that it’s only the Igbos knows how to accommodate their guest? or is it a government sponsored mosque using some Igbos as cover-up?

Is Rochas Okorocha aware or have hand in the building of the mosque as someone that has ties with the northerners?

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Please see Photos below:

Igbo build mosque for muslims in Imo 03

Igbo build mosque for muslims in Imo 01

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  1. Yes, it is a government sponsored mosque through the late Rochas Okoroawusa. When Biafra comes all of them will find their desert north by force. No Igbo man put a penny in that useless mosque, it’s okorochas agenda to becoming the next President of Nigeria after his brother Buhari. Where is Rochas now? Let him come and start his campaign for president. Bunch of idiots.

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