Okorocha Has Being Diagnosed With “Schizophrenia” A Mental Disorder, Runs To India For Help

When the news of Buhari ear problem broke, many people especially within the presidency denied the story calling it the imagination of Buhari’s enemies. But when the problem persist, it became too obvious that all is not well with the president.

From investigation we discovered that Buhari told his personal doctors that he hears strange noise like ghost from the effected ear.

Well, the story of Buhari’s ear problem has come and gone, what we are focusing now is the current breaking news coming out from Imo state government house indicating that the governor of the state Rochas Okorocha is battling with a ghost in his office.

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The Governor of Imo State, Owele Rochas Okorocha who made an unscheduled trip to Europe a few days ago on a business trip according to the press has been reportedly in a quagmire condition as the said business trip turned to medical trip.

Reports reaching us from a reliable source in Europe has it that the said state governor, had been moved from Europe to India over a serious health challenge suspected to be Schizophrenia. The sickness was confirmed when the Governor began to claim he encountered a ghost in his Office.

According to our source in Imo State Government house, Governor Okorocha suddenly started shouting in his office… “who brought this woman here?”.When his aids rushed into the office they saw absolutely nobody with the number one man in the state. Out of curiosity they asked the Governor what the problem was and which woman he was referring to but he was still shouting… “I said who brought this woman here?”

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Another source reliably informed us that the disappearance of the ghost said to be carrying a little baby, and an exchange that occurred between the Governor and the Ghost woman made the Governor to start shouting. ..”who brought this woman here” … raising an alarm and immediately the woman was said to have disappeared. The governor’s close aides immediately arranged for abroad treatment of the Chief executive, confusing it with business engagements.

Meanwhile, Information from diaspora suggest that the situation is getting worst and the Governor has been moved to India where he is receiving medical attention through unorthodox means.

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  1. Not only mental disorder, wait and see if he is coming back to Buhari in few months. They can hide but they can’t run. Fools.

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