Nnamdi Kanu Set To Get Justice In ECOWAS Court Tomorrow.

The expectation of the world is very high at the moment as the date for the delivery of verdict of ECOWAS court on the case between Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and the federal government of Nigeria is just less than 24 hours. It could be recalled that the ECOWAS court formerly billed to give its ruling on 4th October but due to absence of lawyers representing government of Nigeria, adjourned the ruling on the case to November 8 which is barely 24 hours.

Now the whole world may have shifted their attention from Nigeria municipal federal high court where all sorts of judicial rascality had been perpetrated by Nigeria judicial officers under the influence of Nigeria maximum ruler, Gen Muhammadu Buhari to ECOWAS court where both local and international observers and followers of the case believed that unbendable justice will only be obtained. ECOWAS court has given enough respect to government of Nigeria which has flagrantly fail to reciprocate the respect towards the sub-regional court as Nigeria government in many occasions refused to be present or be represented in the court even questioned the jurisdiction of the court to hear the case in the first place.

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Now that the ECOWAS court has billed to give its incorruptible, unbiased, unbendable and unquestionable justice through its verdict come November 8, the eyes of the whole universe is fastened on ECOWAS court. As it is already obvious that Nigeria government which many people have nick-named ‘CORRUPTION’ is no more afraid to approach anybody, any organization, any institution or even any government within and outside Africa, with bribes against Biafra restoration, will the ECOWAS court become the next institution that Nigeria government will approach with bribe in order to compromise them against Biafra?

November 8 ruling of the ECOWAS court is going to be the answer to this 1 million question as we are going to cross our fingers in observation as things unfold. However, I want ECOWAS court to know that the hammer of the MOTHER JUSTICE which is falling on Nigeria judiciary presently is as a result of accumulation of travesty of Justice been perpetrated by Nigeria judges against Nnamdi Kanu. Nigeria judges, especially Justice Tsoho converted Nigeria courts as platform for travesty and now facing the nemesis which is anchored on invasion, intimidation, arrest, detention, molestation and humiliation of the High court, Appeal court and Supreme court Judges in Nigeria. Voices from different parts of the world are shouting “IT IS NOVEMBER 8 OR NEVER FOR JUSTICE IN ECOWAS COURT”. Will ECOWAS court still be intimidated by the corrupt might of Nigeria government? It is only ECOWAS court that will answer the question. But as for me and every Biafran and lovers of freedom, we are all joining voices with the rest of the world to say that “IT IS NOVEMBER 8 OR NEVER FOR JUSTICE IN ECOWAS COURT”.

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Any other adjournment of the ruling of the case will be tantamount to denial of justice which Nnamdi Kanu sought for in ECOWAS court as it has become obvious that there is no Justice in Nigeria municipal court. Hon Justice Adeniyi Ademola stood for justice and now been witch-hunted due his incorruptibility by Nigeria maximum ruler, Gen Muhammadu Buhari. Will ECOWAS court allow the cankerworm of corruption in Nigeria judiciary to also infiltrate them? God forbid! If this happens, Africa will sink into judicial abyss and become a jungle of anarchy.

I want to use this opportunity to call on ECOWAS, Africa Union and International community at large to be on alert in forcing Nigeria to comply and obey the rulings of the international court. It will be a serious ridicule to judicial process in Africa and the world if Nigeria government continue to disobey even international courts as its failed to release Col Sambo Dasuki as ECOWAS court ordered more than a month now. The world must know that it is one thing for a court whether domestic or international, to give verdict and another thing for it to be obeyed. I rest my case.

By Onyebuchi Eze

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