My Lies Are Naturally Endowed In Me, I Don’t Just Tell Lies.- Liar Mohammed

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has on Friday evening last week, react to obvious claims that he tells lies every so often, but the minister maintained that he has never told a lie before, contrary to what was being circulated in the media about him.

The minister, who stated this while responding to questions, insisted that he often reads comments of people, who claim not to believe what he says and coin his first name as “Lie.’’

He said, “People just have a mind-set that whatever Lai Mohammed says cannot be true, but nobody has ever come out to say that I said `Y’ and it was `Z’ that happened.

“For me, I will remain focused because it is a price you pay for serving your country.

“I also see this as a deliberate strategy to whittle me down, but I must remain focused and will not be distracted.”

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Mohammed said that some people found it difficult to separate him from “Lai Mohammed as All Progressive Congress, APC, spokesperson and Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Information’’.

He added, “I believe sincerely that the last election was fought very bitterly and I was largely the face of the party and I kept asking them to fight me on facts, not on emotions.

“Give me one thing that I have said which is not true.

“There is a Yoruba proverb that says that you can only wake up somebody who is sleeping, you cannot wake up a fellow who is pretending to fall asleep.”

He recalled when he led local and foreign journalists on a tour of the North-East on December 5, 2015 and he told the world that Boko Haram war had been technically defeated.‎

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Mohammed said that when he made the claim, nobody believed him but that today he had been vindicated.

“However, when you are fighting insurgency, it is not like regular war that you win at once, there will still be suicide bombing.

“There will still be ambush but that does not mean that we have not won the war.”

During my time as APC spokesperson, I said many things that seems not to be true, and people say Lai Mohammed lies a lot. I want to put it straight here and now, “I have never lied before, the ones you heard me say sometimes are naturally in me, some words do come out without me acknowledging it” and when it does, the opposition will label me a liar.

That’s in the past now, Lia Mohammed as the minister of Federal Republic of Nigeria have never lied, I have devised a means to contain my utterances.

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