Biafra: Kenneth Okonkwo’s Ignorance Is Infectious, He Reasons Like A Dementia Patient.- Bluejack


I think Biafrans are not being fair to Bar. Kenneth Okonkwo aka Andy Okeke in “Living in Bondage”. This man is a movie star. He is also an Attorney at Law, but I leave to you to find out how many cases he has won. In his eyes the government of the day is always right, as long as he is carried along.

If this movie star says Biafra died with Ojukwu, then we should not find it hard to note that he is not truly educated, since BIAFRA is even older than Ojukwu’s grandparents. Ignorance is a disease indeed. Even before the advent of the imperialists and colonialists Biafra existed as a nation, became a visible component of the Southern Protectorate, and later became the Eastern Region after the spurious 1914 Amalgamation.

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I am not flummoxed by Okonkwo’s unletteredness vis-a-vis this matter. Has he picked up a book on the struggle before? But is it not shameful that an old man like this can bring himself to the ridiculous level of limiting Biafra to Ojukwu? What I find baffling is that he, in all he presumably has been taught, does not know that the DEATH OF ONE IDEOLOGUE/IDEOLOGIST DOES NOT MEAN THE DEMISE OF THE IDEOLOGY. How do we teach him these things, knowing that he has spent five (5) years in the University and one (1) year in Law School only to emerge as a dolt?

Okonkwo typifies the ailing state of our citadels of learning. A graduate of law that reasons like a patient of dementia who exists as an asylum inmate makes the academic system of Nigeria most perilous to future generations. An unlearned learned person is a misnomer; an egregious cancer indeed. I implore Biafrans the world over to shun this untutored fellow whose brain remains immersed in the pot of Aso Rock. He is doing the bidding of his paymaster. He is undoubtedly a constituent of Buhari’s payroll. Kenneth Okonkwo is not someone we should give attention. He is a persona non grata.

By Russell Bluejack

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