A Biafran Elder Educating His People About Biafra In Igweocha.

This was a scene recently captured in Igweocha as posted by Oluchi Christy on her Facebook page

As Nigerian government stopped to teach history in their schools in order to stop the people from knowing the truth about the evil they committed against the people of Biafra.

This respected Elder in the picture below, Elder INAGAH in Igweocha, (now popularly known as Port Harcourt), have taken it upon himself to educating the people of his community about the Biafra history/story. Very commendable indeed.

Elder INAGAH educating our people about Biafra

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Our Elders in various communities should emulate this Elder, stand up and tell the people what they know about Biafra and how Nigeria became a country.

Tell them how the British and Nigeria teamed up together and killed Biafrans, and how the people who survived also managed to survive. They should rise up and give their people a clear account of what happened, so that the Nigerian government don’t repeat that genocides again on the people in case they are planning to do such a thing again.

Elder INAGAH educating our people about Biafra

It is not evil, not unscriptural for people to know and learn about Biafra history /story. A clear example is what happened in the Bible with the Israelites where they were scattered and taken into captivity by other nations and how God miraculously delivered them. Today we are reading their story. And the same God is delivering miraculously the people of Biafra from Nigeria in Jesus Name. Amen.

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Elder INAGAH educating our people about Biafra

Oral history has been important, as it is passed from generation to another. What is happening to Biafrans and had happened to them cannot be over emphasized or swept under the carpet.

We urge our elders to gather the people in village squares, town halls and educate the young ones on the truth about Biafra. Those of you who can read, please get the books on Biafra and read.

Biafra is Real.

Elder INAGAH educating our people about Biafra

Elder INAGAH educating our people about Biafra






































































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